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$BIDU long term long

Baidu, Inc. engages in the provision of internet search and online marketing solutions. The firm’s products and services include Baidu App, Baidu Search, Baidu Feed, Haokan, Quanmin, Baidu Post Bar, Baidu Knows, Baidu Encyclopedia, Baidu Input Method Editor or Baidu IME and Overseas Products.

On September 13th 2020. posted that $BIDU is an investment for years to come. The price structure found support at previous cycle wave II, bounced, finished the correction and a bullish impulse was imminent.

In the next 3 months the share price rose $100 from $120 when I alerted.

Now the share price is close to my predefined target at $360 reaching $340.

Turned out to be a very good investment as I posted just 5 months ago.

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