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the most powerful trading method

automated as software application

It took 3 years to develop this method researching a large number of different strategies. It was exhaustive work to find strategies that work well together, that are compatible. These 5 strategies have been proven to produce the best result.

What good is any strategy without proper risk and trade management?

Even the best and most profitable trading strategy will fail if risk and trade management are neglected or managed poorly. However, even with good risk and trade management if the strategy is yielding low the results will be small.

The key is to have a very profitable trading strategy and how profitable it will be depends not only on the strategy used but good risk and trade management as well.
This method is about the best trading strategy and best risk and trade management possible.

Help Us To Help YOU

Help us by funding us and we will help you by giving you back more. No one could have thought that so many will lose their jobs, be confined at home, wearing masks when they need to come out, have to distance themselves from everyone else and become so dependent on the government to give them money to survive. Not to mention how many lost their loved ones. What a gruesome reality for so many of us. We want to make the difference, to help those back on their feet, restore their dignity and give them back their lives they have lost in such a short period of time. Give us and we will give back so much more.

A team of 10 very dedicated experts has been assembled to develop Ares, a system everyone will get for free to become independent and get their lives back in their own hands. The team leader is a man you may know, posting his work on Twitter and TradingView for almost 8 years. During this 8 years many have gained money following his calls and is leading a team of seasoned, top developers to create a software version of his strategy for everyone.

How frustrating it is seeing banks, hedge funds and institutions getting insane rich on the expense of ordinary people struggling to meet ends.

We as a team want to put an end to this. To provide ordinary people a tool to keep what they have and make money for a decent living, to get them back the life they had before all this started.

Some work has already been done, team leader donated 10.000EUR for project Ares to assemble the team and the blueprint of the project. We need additional funds for building infrastructure, development and testing. The development and testing will take 3 months to finish from the day we have the full amount. We know it is crucial to finish the project as soon as possible because so many need it.

The team will post updates how the project progresses with full transparency. We urge everyone who donated to this cause to follow the posts and be informed of the progress.


ARES stands for Advanced Risk Evaluation Strategy, it is the software version of a very successful strategy – The Method. Everything that has to be done manually in The Method is now automated and provides clear trade entries with stops and targets according to excellent risk management. It is a platform independent standalone application, meaning it works on any OS, Windows, Mac, Linux …

Highest level of simplicity, very user friendly, makes it suitable for everyone. You don’t need to be an expert in trading to use it and be successful. Intended to be used by ordinary people with basic understanding of markets. Everyone familiar with The Method knows how profitable the strategy is and those who aren’t should see the calls made using The Method.

The Method has been developed over the course of 3 years, tested and used to achieve consistent profits. ARES can be used for both short-term and long-term trading opportunities.

The interface is very simple, all you need to do is input the instrument or instruments (stocks, FX, commodities, metals…), ARES will analyze them and give you risk defined trading setups if there are any. Every trade setup is calculated upon best possible risk management, providing opportunity for profits with the smallest risk possible. Any setup that doesn’t conform to strict risk management rules will not be presented to the user, so the user will only see the best possible setups. This is according to R/R (Risk vs. Reward Ratio) which can be changed by user but will not allow any value lower than 1:2. That means, it will not allow setups that have Reward (profit) less than 2 times the risk. The default value is 1:3 which takes into count that even 3 unsuccessful trades in a row will be covered by one successful trade.

This strict risk management has proven to provide the best results and if there is a loss which is inevitable, it will be very small. Often the strategy offers 1:6 RR and more, for example, risking $100 for a potential reward of $600. On the other hand, with a 1:3 RR and 3 losing trades in a row the loss is $300. One winning trade with same RR profile will net $300 and cover the previous loss.

Very important feature is the rolling stop, after a good trade advances and reaches profit equal to the risk, ARES will suggest to roll stops to breakeven. In the worst case after hitting 100% profit level of your risk and price turns back to the entry level, the position will be closed at breakeven with no loss. ARES has built in trade management as well. Moreover, it will suggest adding positions on certain levels, maximizing the potential for even bigger profits.

Once we once we start the software development we will post how the project progresses on a regular basis. Anyone interested, especially those who contributed by funding this project should follow our posts about our progress.

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